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How to tell the difference between Dry & Damaged Hair?

How to tell the difference between Dry & Damaged Hair?

Dry hair. Damaged hair.

Many of us use these two terms interchangeably, and they often appear to look very similar. However, neither of them will look good on us. Not only does dry/damaged hair look unruly, but it also feels rough, unmanageable and lifeless. We totally get that annoying feeling when there’s one annoying bit that the frizz sticks out to the weirdest direction of your hair.

Symptoms of Dry Hair & Damaged Hair

Dry hair can be deceptively similar to damaged hair, but the symptoms are relatively different.

If you really look closely at your routine and hairstyling steps, you will be surprised by the amount of damage we inflicted to our hair.

Let’s find out what types of hair you have!

How to tell the difference between Dry & Damaged Hair?

Here’s an extra reminder! Your hair might be overly dry, but not damaged (yet). If you constantly ignore your hair dryness and do not provide proper care to your cuticles, your hair will be eventually destroyed, leading to dry + damaged hair.

The Causes

“Ugh, why am I having dry, damaged hair?”

Lots of things can contribute to dry and damaged hair. And the answer is fairly simple. Just look at what you have done to your locks.

Here are the main causes:

Dry Hair

✦ Using a high pH level Shampoo

The pH level of our scalp is pH5.5. Products with an alkaline pH increase the negative electrical charge of the hair and cause friction between the fibres.

✦ Air-dry your hair, causing loss of hydration

The beauty of the hair is largely dependent on the health of the hair scales. Our hair scales will open when we shampoo our hair. By leaving our hair air-dry, the scales will take a longer time to close (back to the normal form). Dry hair scales are arched and the hair begins to lose lustur and feel rough.

✦ Strong blow styling

Blow drying our hair is a must after we bathed. But using a hairdryer to style your hair is not a good choice. The heated wind will dry out our hair scales and cuticles, making our hair look lifeless.

✦ Swimming

The alkalinity level of the swimming pool is usually high. This can lead to problems such as an imbalanced scalp and hair.

Damaged Hair

✦ Heated Tools

If curling iron and straight bar are your go-to when comes to hairstyling, it’s not surprised that crazy split ends and rough hair is your biggest suffer. Using heat on your hair too often can strip the hair of its natural moisture, change its core protein structure, and can even burn it permanently.

✦ Using harsh chemicals and colouring agents

Harsh chemicals can significantly weaken your hair fibres. The cuticles will no longer lie smoothly over one another above the hair’s cortex. This results in dryness, breakage, and split ends.

✦ Direct exposure to sunlight

We all know UV lights kill - and it’s true when it comes to damaged hair. The sun can dry out your hair, leaving it crunchy and prone to breakage.

Treating Your Dry Hair & Damaged Hair

When it comes to hair products for both dry & damaged hair, opt for natural hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals. Also, focus on the needs of your hair to fix the problems:

Dry Hair Saver

How to tell the difference between Dry & Damaged Hair?

No nonsense, let’s get to the point. When your hair is dry, it’s obvious that your hair lacks hydration. So - restore it! Formulated with smaller molecules, Moisture Rich Hair Mask can deeply penetrate your hair cuticles, nourishing your dry, lifeless hair. Oh, and it’s 3 in 1 - you can use it as a high powered conditioner, a daily hair mask or a weekly treatment!

Buh-Bye Damages!

How to tell the difference between Dry & Damaged Hair?

Damaged hair? Repair it! Damaged and weakened hair can be the result of a broken protein structure. Our Deep Repair Instant Treatment reconstructs the hair structure, adding some much-needed moisture and protein back to the cortex layer. You will get fast & visible results in a min!

The Takeaway

Dry and damaged hair is not an irreversible result of our hair. It’s undoubtedly that the underlying causes of these hair problems emerge from our hair routine or hair styling process. You can technically reverse the damage by using the right products or preventing heat tools in your daily life.

The future of your hair is in your hand! Treat them good. A naturally, good hair day is on the way.

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