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Natural Hair Shampoo to Treat
Oily Scalp Malaysia

If you're looking for shampoo for an oily scalp, you've come to the right place. You were introducing Greenology’s Argan Oil Scalp Balance Shampoo for oily scalps. This shampoo is for oily scalp and dandruff issues. This shampoo deep cleans your hair and scalp to remove excess oil and dandruff, leaving your hair clean & fresh all day.

Try our scalp care shampoo with natural argan oil infused for daily scalp care. A gentle cleansing formula that helps keep your scalp healthy without stripping away natural oils. Our scalp care balance shampoo features a fresh, minty aroma for a rejuvenating hair cleansing experience with lemon and peppermint oil. This non-greasy formula is safe for daily use to help keep your hair looking healthy and soft.

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