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Natural Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil - Sensory Inducing Experience

At Greenology we embrace a culture of using only the finest natural products in the market using non-toxic and plant derived ingredients. We carry 2 different types of diffuser essential oils - Mist Diffusers and Natural Diffusers. Our traditional mist diffusers generate fine moisture in the air giving the desired aroma as well as providing humidity in the environment. Ideally it is for those who seek flexibility and customization as it offers the choice to adjust the intensity and humidity level of the diffuser. 

Apart from ethically sourced pure essential oils, for those seeking natural methods instead, check out our wooden aroma diffusers. Our line of natural diffusers comes in 4 designs, mountain, wood inhaler, wood diffuser as well as woodpile diffuser. All of them are constructed using natural Zelkova, as we don’t cut short on quality.

Having both portable and stationary options, we provide a variety of options that can suit your aromatherapy needs, whether on-the-go or in the sanctum of your home. Natural diffusers are perfect for those who value low maintenance and longevity, as it does not require electricity nor water to function.

Get your diffusers now and pamper yourself with the finest aromatherapy session using our plethora blends of natural essential oils

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