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Scalp Treatment Shampoo Natural Hair Treatment Malaysia

We are introducing Elixir 7 Botanical Scalp Treatment product, a treatment for oily scalp and hair. Botanical scalp treatment product for your oily scalp and hair helps control oil production while cleansing hair and scalp to restore balance. This is an all-natural scalp and hair care product that will help exfoliate, hydrate and refresh the health of your scalp.

A scalp treatment shampoo that gently exfoliates and revitalises the surface of your scalp. Our botanically-based line of hair management products awakens the senses, minimising irritants and leaving your scalp in optimal health. Scalp exfoliation is an essential part of a healthy scalp routine. Elixir 7 Botanical Scalp Treatment is an all-natural, weekly scalp exfoliator and treatment to promote healthier hair growth.

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