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Itchy Scalp: The Whats, The Whys & The Hows.

Itchy Scalp: The Whats, The Whys & The Hows.

Do you have an Itchy Scalp?

Itchy scalp is a very common problem - 75% of people in the world suffer from it. Let’s be honest, we scratch our scalp when it’s itchy. The scratching action is as normal as eating or drinking. However, if you have a persistent itchy scalp, this may be a hint that your scalp is not healthy.

Before we dive in deeper about Itchy Scalp, here’s a reminder: DO NOT scratch your scalp when it’s itchy.

Scratching your scalp might relieve the itchiness in short term, but you are also damaging your delicate scalp tissue and in turn, causing more irritation.

Itchy Scalp Symptoms

Many conditions can cause an itchy scalp ― from dandruff to ringworm or something more serious like a bacterial infection. Before you can stop the itch, you need to find out what’s causing it.
An itchy scalp is normally accompanied by visible signs, such as having a tight scalp or flat hair. Here are three different types of itchy scalp symptoms:

Itchy Scalp: The Whats, The Whys & The Hows

Causes of Itchy Scalp

Getting rid of the itch begins with finding out why your scalp itches. Below you’ll find out what might be causing your itchy scalp, along with how to treat it.

1. Itchy Scalp After Bathed

If you experienced itchiness after bathed, your scalp might be too dry. Those with dry scalp tend to have a tight and sensitive scalp. The most common causes of a dry-itchy scalp are:

  • Water loss while shampooing
  • Affected by powdery/flaky dandruff
  • Scratching scalp too hard during hair wash
  • Using a shampoo that is too strong/not suitable

To treat a dry-itchy scalp, you will need to ensure that your scalp is highly moistured and nourished. Using a mild and hydrating shampoo can also protect your scalp from losing its hydration.

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2. Itchy Scalp Before Bath

Oily itchy scalp, greasy flat hair - that’s what you will experience before bath. An oily-itchy scalp will also have scalp acne and a strong scalp odour. The most common causes of an oily-itchy scalp are:

  • Bacterial Infection
  • Excessive buildup & oil production
  • Affected by sticky dandruff

To treat an oily-itchy scalp, a refreshing shampoo is effective to relieve itchiness and reduce odour. Aside from that, scalp exfoliation will be a key step to prevent excessive buildup and oil.

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3. Itchy Scalp All Day Long

Well, the most annoying one will be dealing with an itchy scalp all day long! If the itchiness sticks with you 24/7, the potential causes include:

  • Imbalanced scalp
  • Combination reasons of both dry-itchy scalp & oily-itchy scalp

Having an itchy scalp all day long can be easily irritated as we might scratch our scalp doubly and aggressively to relieve the itch. To treat an imbalanced scalp, we should pay particular attention to shampooing. While we all know shampoo is made for cleaning our scalp, it's also made to balance our scalp health. A shampoo that suits you should make your scalp not too dry, not too oily, just the right amount of everything.

Recommendations: Use both shampoos alternately to restore hydration and control oil production together.
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The Takeaway

There is always a link between an itchy scalp and scalp health. Treating the underlying causes of the issues can help relieve the itchiness over time. To further prevent it, you can also avoid sharing personal items with others, such as comb, towel and pillowcases.

When the itch comes, find out your trigger and treat it!

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