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3 Reasons That Cause Scalp Odor

3 Reasons That Cause Scalp Odor

Almost everyone deals with body odor occasionally - but talking about scalp odor, it’s quite tricky to figure out what’s going on and how to get rid of it. First, let’s get a brief understanding of what scalp odor is.

How to know if I have a strong scalp odor?

Scalp odor normally refers to an unhealthy scalp that smells bad, soury or damp. If you realized you have an unpleasant smell from your head and it stays even after you shampoo, your scalp is most probably struggling in its unhealthy state.

What does a smelly scalp smell like?

We know scalp odor doesn’t smell pleasant - but how does it smell? To be exact, people normally compare the odor to sour milk, dirty socks, and sometimes stinky diapers. It can be embarrassing, especially since people around you can easily notice the pungent stench.

Why do I have a smelly scalp?

To reverse the syndrome, it’s always important to know WHY. There are different factors that contributed to an smelly scalp - but let’s break them into 3 bite-sized factors:

Why do I have a smelly scalp?

1. Habits

If your scalp smells, the first thing to reevaluate is your everyday hygiene and hair care routine. Ask yourself a few questions:

Did I shampoo after I work out?
Did I shampoo enough?
Did I shampoo correctly?
Did I clean my comb regularly?
How long did I change my towel?

By asking yourself these questions, you can at least get a clue on which part of your habits is going off-track.

Shampooing correctly and sufficiently is pivotal to getting rid of a smelly scalp. If you don’t wash your hair properly, all the sweat, pollutants, bacteria, debris and sebum can cause build up on your scalp, which will eventually lead to a strong scalp odor!

✦ Good Habits to Cultivate: Try Double-Shampooing!

Double shampooing is a secret game changer where you can bring your scalp health from nay to yay. The logic behind double shampooing is pretty simple:

The 1st Wash: Break down oils, dirt and product buildup.
This is why you might notice that the first wash never generates enough lather, even if you are using foamy shampoos.

The 2nd Wash: Clean your scalp thoroughly.  
Here's the time where you properly cleanse your scalp. Get rid of all the impurities and leave your hair squeaky clean.

2. Genetics

You have nowhere to blame when there’s one special gene in your body that causes a pungent scalp. However, in some cases, a stressful lifestyle can cause imbalanced hormones that lead to the overproduction of sebum on your scalp. Anxiety and stress trigger irritation and itchiness and can compromise your scalp’s barrier function.

✦ To fix it, a happy & healthy lifestyle is key!

From sweating to meditating, there are a lot of quick stress-relieving tactics for everyone. Try to unload all the unnecessary stress by doing what you enjoy. Consume food that is high in protein and omega 3. You will slowly feel your body is recovering to the way it should be.

3. Products

Everything seems so wrong when you’re using the wrong product.  Using a silicone shampoo will create greater damage and problems to your scalp. Click here to read why you should avoid silicone on your scalp.

Understanding your scalp type and giving what it needs is particularly important to get rid of the smell. Can you imagine your scalp is quenching for thirst but you’re still stripping off the moisture from it? At Greenology, we believe two types fit all: Get Scalp Balance Shampoo when you have oily hair and scalp; Go for Daily Moisture Shampoo when you have dry scalp.

✦ The speed-up treatment: Elixir 7 Botanical Scalp Treatment

No matter what reasons cause your smelly scalp (habits, genetics or problems), Elixir 7 Botanical Scalp Treatment is a speed-up treatment to help you to get rid of the pungent smell effectively.

This oil-based exfoliator can purify and balance your scalp buildup, leaving your scalp smells great and squeaky clean. Click here to read Why You Need Scalp Exfoliator.

With the combination of 7 plant-based natural oils, Elixir 7 gently dissolves all the hardened buildup. One of the notable oils within the seven, Coconut Oil can remove sebum buildup that causes the pungent smell. Plus, Tea Tree Oil which contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, can also keep your scalp infection free!

The Last Word

Strong scalp odor is an indicator of an unhealthy scalp. With the help of proper care, lifestyle and products, you can easily get rid of it! However, if this continues, there might be some underlying causes that you need to visit your doctor immediately.

Be sure to keep yourself clean, happy & healthy! This is where you start getting a lovingly healthy scalp!

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