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Do natural products with essential oils have a shorter shelf life than ordinary products?

Do natural products with essential oils have a shorter shelf life than ordinary products?

Did you know an expired shampoo smells like rotten eggs?

Oh, shampoos can be expired? In a short answer, yes. Shampoo that passed its best-by date can lose its effectiveness and start to smell bad or become cloudy. Expired hair products can lead to the growth of bacteria and other unwanted stuff on your scalp.

The Best-By Date

So, how long is too long to use up your shampoo? 

On average, most products have a shelf life of about two years from their manufactured date. There is a general rule of thumb referred to as the "period after opening" suggestion, which refers to the amount of time after opening that you can expect a product to function as intended or be safe to use.

You can find the period after opening the label on your shampoo if you look at the back of the bottle. Symbols like small containers with lids off indicate a "use by" date. Most likely, it will be:

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If you open a shampoo bottle, you should use it within a certain period of time - usually 12 months, 18 months, or 24 months - based on the lid symbol. 

Do natural products with essential oils have a shorter shelf life than ordinary products?

Yes. Natural products tend to have shorter life compared to ordinary products. Here’s why:

  1. Short Life Span of Active Ingredients
  2. Products with active ingredients have a shorter lifespan and can lose their potency over time. If that happens, the product won't work as well as it should. 

    As seen on: Greenology pH Balance Scalp Mask

    Finish within 12 months after opening.

  3. Oxidation of Essential Oil
    Essential oils are highly concentrated and easily oxidized. Over time, the scent will fade, and oxidation will negatively impact the quality of products. Apart from that, as we slowly use up the products, air starts off going into the bottle, which will accelerate oxidation.
    Most of the Greenology Products contain Essential Oils

    Finish within 12 months after opening.

  1. Faster expiration of purer products
  2. Although purer products are packed with powerful benefits, they're also prone to oxidization. This means that their potency starts to degrade as soon as you open them up and expose them to air. When using pure oils, store them in a cool and dark place.

    As seen on: Greenology 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

    Finish within 6 months after opening.

The Takeaway

There are a lot of products in your bathroom that can go bad within a few months. It's important to periodically check your health and beauty products and discard any that have passed their expiration date. If your shampoo does not have a label, keep an eye out for (1) Odor, (2) Discoloration, and (3) Changes in textureIf you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time to buy a new bottle of shampoo.

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