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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Essential Oil, aka 'King of Antibacterial', it is your first line of defence against bacteria and virus.
Research has found that tea tree essential oil effective in controlling inflammation and sterilising most bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

So, how can Tea Tree Essential Oil benefit us ?
🌿Natural Deodorant-PURIFY indoor air with its fresh, herbal smell.
🌿Boost Immune System- SERVE as an air disinfectant to kill many types of sickness-causing germs floating around
🌿Bronchitis Relief- REDUCING the airborne allergens and irritants, thus providing relief and comfort

Isn't is amazing that you can now protect yourself and your loved ones with the benefits of tea tree essential oils?
It is crucial that we need essential oils to serve as our first line of defence against bacteria and virus so that we don't easily get sick especially during this period.

Tips to maximise its benefits:
👉Add total 5-8 drops into your air diffuser, let it reside in your room for up to 3 hours.
👉Add total 5-8 drops onto your diatomite diffuser, let it reside in your car or office room.

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