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Aromatherapy Diatomite Diffuser for Car

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Ever heard about the detrimental effects of synthetic fragrances air freshener? 'Fragrance' has become a sort of euphemism for the more than 3000 different chemicals, some which are harmful, that make up the compounds of fragrances. Protect you and your family from harmful chemicals and use safer, non-toxic air fresheners from Greenology.

When it comes to releasing the aroma of essential oils throughout your car, diatomite has several advantages over the traditional diffusers. First, you don't have to use electricity and fill water. Second, diatomite allows the aroma of your essential oils to last far longer making it worth the investment. A few extra drops of essential oil can go a long way.

With this non-water and non-powered portable diffuser you'll be able to quickly enjoy the aromatic benefit of your essential oils in-car. The back of the diffuser has a magnetic strip so you can attach it directly to a metal surface or use the clip and insert into your car vent with ease. Get our essential oil car diffuser today for a fresher driving experience.


1. Add 3-5 drops of desired essential oil on the dented part.

2. Wait for essential oil to soak in.

3. Insert clip to car vent.

4. Attach the air diffuser with the clip.

5. Top up with your favourite essential oil when the aroma fades.


DIiffuser Only  |  Diatomite Diffuser, Vent Clip, Pouch (Black)
In-Car Purify Kit  |  1 bottle of Air Purify Essential Oil Blend 10ml, Diatomite Diffuser, Vent Clip, Pouch (Black)


1. Can I wash my Diatomite diffuser?

Yes, you can wash your Diatomite diffuser. It's generally safe to rinse it with water if needed. However, please keep in mind that Diatomite is highly absorbent and might take some time to dry completely after washing.

2. Why is there a yellowish stain on my Diatomite diffuser?

The yellowish stain is often caused by the natural compounds present in essential oils. These compounds can gradually discolor the Diatomite surface over time. While it may not affect the functionality of the diffuser, it's a natural part of using essential oils with Diatomite.

3. How long does the aroma from a Diatomite diffuser last?

The aroma's longevity depends on various factors, including the type of essential oil used, the room's size, and the diffuser's design. Generally, Diatomite diffusers provide a subtle and long-lasting aroma due to their porous nature, allowing for gradual release.

4. Can I change the essential oil or aroma in my Diatomite diffuser?

Yes, you can change the essential oil or aroma in your Diatomite diffuser. Simply remove any remaining oil, let the Diatomite air out for a while, and then add your preferred essential oil. The porous nature of Diatomite makes it adaptable for different scents, allowing you to switch between aromas as desired.


Greenology Diatomite Diffuser Testimonial Greenology Aromatherapy Diatomite Diffuser Testimonial

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