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Apple Stem Cell Scalp Booster with 75% Returning Customers

Apple Stem Cell Scalp Booster with 75% Returning Customers
Our Apple Stem Cell Scalp Booster is enriched with FIVE magical ingredients:
🍎 Apple stem cell
🍎 Biotin
🍎 Algae
🍎 Sage
🍎 Rosemary

The key ingredient in this magic bottle that is apple stem cell is cultivated through the Swiss PhytoCellTec technology which has won the European Cosmetic Innovation Prize. 
Filled with natural extracts and algae, this scalp booster helps to stimulate and refresh the scalp whilst control excess oil. Plus, this hair care item is infused with apple stem cells which provides you FOUR benefits!
🍎 Delays hair aging
🍎 Vitalises hair stem cells
🍎 Rejuvenates hair follicles
🍎 Visibly improves hair density

Did you know that 75% of our returning customers are pleased with our Apple Stem Cell Scalp Booster? So, let's welcome healthy scalp and happy hair by getting your hands on our scalp booster when you visit us at www.greenology.my

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